Planning Applications

commercial planning application data interface

Site due diligence like no one else. Generate new business opportunities in no time.

Get instant access to planning applications for England and Wales, all in one place and linked to existing property and ownership information based-on

  • Geographical area via our intuitive map interface
  • Planning use class
  • Decision status
  • Keywords such as conversion, redevelopment, demolition
  • Premises type

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commercial planning application decision data

Find new opportunities - Search across all planning decisions to target rejected applications and better understand precedence.

commercial planning application data interface

Site due Diligence - Before you invest in a site, understand what is happening in an area by reviewing who is submitting what applications on or around it.

commercial planning application detailed data

Detailed Search - Search for planning applications based on planning use class, decision status, premises type and keywords such as conversation, redevelopment, demolition and more.


With Datscha Mobile you can find new opportunities by reviewing Planning Applications that have been:


  • Permitted
  • Withdrawn
  • Refused
commercial property data mobile interface

Other main features

Map interface

Our map uses the latest GIS technology to find and analyse commercial property data. By using our polygon search together with...


Ownership Information

Reveal ownership data for any commercial property, including ultimate owners and company tree structures. Benefit from the...


Property Search

Datscha offers the most detailed, flexible, and visual property search. You can search by property size, value, region, use type,...


How Datscha can help

  • Turns data into insights
  • Improves your efficiency
  • Uncovers more details


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