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Our map uses the latest GIS technology to find and analyse commercial property data. By using our polygon search together with the different layers you can easily do a quick area analysis including ownership, type of properties, property sizes and if there are any landfill or flooding problems. Search has never been so fast, flexible or precise.

We collect data digitally, then aggregate it, match it and map it to make property search as easy as possible. By visualizing our Transaction data you get a deeper understanding of the value and the most active players on the market. All the data can also be visualized in an aerial- and bird’s eye view.



presenting commercial ownership insights

Visualise an owner’s entire portfolio and drill into their data in seconds. Find the correspondence address for owners of properties and plots of land.

commercial property ownership list interface

Looking for something specific? Use our detailed search to find even the most niche property types.

commercial property ownership map interface

Visualised market trends data helps you spot the difference between a good deal and a bad deal. Explore unfamiliar areas and markets in seconds.

Other main features

Ownership Information

Reveal ownership data for any commercial property, including ultimate owners and company tree structures. Benefit from the...


Property Search

Datscha offers the most detailed, flexible, and visual property search. You can search by property size, value, region, use type,...


Planning Applications

Get instant access to planning applications for England and Wales, all in one place and linked to existing property and...


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  • Turns data into insights
  • Improves your efficiency
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