Visualise your own Data with Datscha Insight

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commercial property data insight interface

Turn in-house data into actionable intelligence

  • Import your data to Datscha Insight, visualise it on a map and share it internally so all departments can access the information they need in one place.
  • Commercial property professionals can monetise their in-house information by showing their expertise in pitches.
  • Make more informed decisions by matching internal data to official records.

The how


commercial data insights uploaded

1. Upload your own data to Insight such as portfolio, visited sites, valuations, leases and more.

shared commercial property data

2. Identify trends by searching, sharing and analysing your own property data all in one place.

presenting commercial property data insights

3. Create business development opportunities by gathering and presenting your Insights.


“Datscha Insight is one of the biggest development projects we have ever undertaken. We launched this project to provide a way for customers to easily structure and layer their own data on to Datscha. Key benefits include visualising your own data on a map, managing internal workflows and being able to actively search within your own information. We are also only at the beginning – during the year we have several new features planned for Datscha Insight”

Jonas Zakrisson – Product Manager

Other main features

Ownership Information

Reveal ownership data for any commercial property, including ultimate owners and company tree structures. Benefit from the...


Property Search

Datscha offers the most detailed, flexible, and visual property search. You can search by property size, value, region, use type,...


Planning Applications

Get instant access to planning applications for England and Wales, all in one place and linked to existing property and...


How Datscha can help

  • Turns data into insights
  • Improves your efficiency
  • Uncovers more details


commercial property complete dataset

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