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Datscha is a web-based solution giving you fast, easy access to high quality data for all registered commercial properties in England and Wales. It gives you the ability to search investment transactions, with all the information you need in one place. Datscha can save you hours or even days on your data-gathering and analysis.

Turns data into insights

Improves your efficiency

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How it works

commercial property platform model

1. Collection & quality assurance

We collect data directly from the best public and proprietary sources, ensuring that the insights you get are as accurate as possible.

2. Aggregate & Match

We cleverly aggregate and match data from a variety of sources and geo-code it, so you can find all the information you need in one platform.

3. Analysis & Opportunities

We have built our award-winning tech so that you can analyse data from the top down, from the bottom up, or even sideways if you like. You will get new insight and source new opportunities and deals.


With Datscha Mobile you can find out, on the fly:

  • Who owns a building, how long it has been owned and who the tenants are
  • Planning Applications that have been Permitted, Withdrawn or Refused
  • Reliable investment comparables in the vicinity of a property (including buyers and sellers)
commercial property data mobile interface


Planning Applications

Get instant access to planning applications for England and Wales, all...


Ownership Information

Reveal ownership data for any commercial property, including ultimate...


Property Search

Datscha offers the most detailed, flexible, and visual property search....



Quality transactions data combined with Datscha’s market-leading...


Map interface

Our award-winning map interface allows you to explore areas faster than ever. All our data is mapped to precise coordinates, including property borders, postcodes, regions and council areas.


For agents & consultants

Supplement your market awareness, impress clients, save time, and source more deals.

For owners & investors

Find deals without alerting the market, make informed decisions, and visualise your portfolio.

For developers

Detailed search to identify off-market sites, assess risks and view owner's full property portfolio.

For other professionals

Conduct niche searches with a view to approaching landlords or simply to impress your clients.


«Thank you for convincing us to subscribe the service. It has assisted us with doing deals already and looking forward to more successes with it in the near future»

Paul Heale, Director Investment & Development

«Kimmre now use Datscha as one of our standard business tools, which enables us to carry out our site due-diligence and allows us to better service our clients. The tool has been enormously helpful, and we look forward to utilising the further innovations that are continuously being developed by your team»

Mike Needham MRICS, Partner

«We are already finding Datscha a valuable tool, whether it’s just to find out who owns a particular property, or whether it is to understand the breadth of a particular investor’s holdings in the UK»

Mat Oakley, Head of European Commercial Research

«The ability to upload and manipulate in-house information is a feature other data providers either don’t have, or are very clunky to use»

Ian Cameron, Lease Advisory and Valuation

«Datscha is an invaluable service. In the past year alone it’s helped me find 3 sites for my clients; paying for itself many times over. Thanks to its accurate ownership, planning and transaction data, it allows us to be proactive and uncover off market sites. It now forms part of our standard client due diligence process»

Ned Langlands Pearse, Surveyor

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