A strong end to the year after months of low activity driven by factors including political uncertainty and a further weakening of the retail sector

Using our Transactions module, our Head of UK Research, Lesley Males and her team have analysed the UK 2019 commercial real estate transactions numbers into this comprehensive report.

Datscha Transactions offers a new way to search for commercial property price paid data. Other features include:

  • Finding sold prices for all commercial property transactions across the UK and easily export results to Excel for your valuation reports.

  • Supporting your next acquisition by accessing reliable comparables such as who is buying, selling, the price paid, £/sqft, yield and understand market trends. All of which is reviewed and compiled by our internal research team.

  • Book a demo by clicking here and see how you can find and validate off-market opportunities in combination with Datscha’s other tools: Ultimate ownership, use type, property borders, planning, footfall, all in one place.