Commercial off-market insights for owners & investors

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Find and assess deals under the radar

  • Find, explore and assess off-market commercial property investments often “under the radar”
  • Shortlist land and sites by size, premise type and location
  • Carry out ‘Pre’ Due Diligence investment checks in seconds.
  • Visualise your commercial portfolio… and those of your competitors.
  • Save valuable time with a single source of information.


commercial property ownership list interface

Search for commercial and off-market properties using our super-detailed search functionality, by individual property, or by location, use type, size, rateable value, etc.

presenting commercial ownership insights

Find complete ownership information, including ultimate commercial owners, correspondence details, and everything else in the owner portfolio.

presenting commercial ownership insights

Upload your own commercial property data to identify gaps in your ownership or investment portfolio. You can even categorise by use type. This can be shared internally, with a client, or kept totally private.

Some of our customers


«We are already finding Datscha a valuable tool, whether it’s just to find out who owns a particular property, or whether it is to understand the breadth of a particular investor’s holdings in the UK»

Mat Oakley, Head of European Commercial Research

«The ability to upload and manipulate in-house information is a feature other data providers either don’t have, or are very clunky to use»

Ian Cameron, Lease Advisory and Valuation

«Datscha is an invaluable service. In the past year alone it’s helped me find 3 sites for my clients; paying for itself many times over. Thanks to its accurate ownership, planning and transaction data, it allows us to be proactive and uncover off market sites. It now forms part of our standard client due diligence process»

Ned Langlands Pearse, Surveyor


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Property Search

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Ownership Information

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Planning Applications

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Map interface

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