Running Club with Datscha UK

We at Datscha extend our thanks to all of you whom partook in our most recent charity event; Running with Datscha UK!

It was a tough and gruelling month of June with our participants taking to the track and clocking their kilometres towards the goal we set out at the start of the month. Each kilometre that a participant clocked would be counted towards our donation towards our selected charity; Age UK. Age UK supports our elder generation with the challenges that later life brings. If you want to learn more about Age UK then please follow this link.

A big congratulations to Thim Engel from Polyhomes LTD for clocking the most amount of kilometres over the month (69.3km!)

We asked Thim to comment on how he found the challenge:

"I found the running therapeutic – as I always do. Running is my ‘me-time’ without interruptions from phone, email, or any other way. It’s therefore when I get ideas ‘from nowhere’ as well as finding solutions to problems without actually thinking of them at all. Lastly, is just therapeutic in its own way. Running itself is obviously physical hence tiring but I’m always full of energy after a run – much more so than before I went out. It is said that the first step – out through your front door – is always the hardest, and I agree! Come rain or shine – I’m out running!" says Thim.

Thim Running with datscha

Thim Engel, Director, Co-Owner, PolyHomes

We also talked to our colleague Cameron Foskett, Sales Development Representative at Datscha:

“I thoroughly enjoyed co-ordinating the event with Paula and relished in the opportunity to work with the wider Datscha team. Typically I’m not a runner, but the event enabled me to push myself, start up a new hobby whilst all for a great cause. Running is all about mastering your mindset, and once you have conquered that then you can apply it to just about anything; relationships, work, education. A huge thanks to everyone who took part and helped make the event what it was!” says Cameron.

Cameron with his Father, Mark, on a run during lockdown.

In total; we managed to accumulate 840km as a group, meaning Datscha will be making a donation towards Age UK for those kilometres!

Thank you to everyone who actively participated in the event.

Keep active and stay safe!


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