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Leaders in commercial real estate

We believe that the real estate industry should be a more innovative, transparent and collaborative place. That’s why we’ve been working for 20 years on our award-winning technology.

Used by professionals from across the sector, including agents, investors, developers, bankers, lawyers, and asset managers, Datscha is a new way of working for the real estate industry.

We exist to help you spend less time gathering data, and more time doing business. Datscha helps companies reduce the time they spend on research by hours, days, or even weeks.

Our core DNA is to collect, aggregate, and visualise public and proprietary real estate data in the market’s most modern and intuitive web-based solution. Launched in Sweden in 1996, we strive to always be focused, fair, flexible, fun and friendly. Today we serve over 900 companies in 7 countries.

Datscha is owned by Real Capital Analytics (RCA).


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Florin Iarka
Florin Iarca
Head of Sales UK

+44 (0)7429 707 004


Wesley Dodoo

Head of Customer Success UK

+44 (0)7534 415368

Harry Robinson

Sales Manager

+44 (0)7740 288217

Pontus Jacobson

Product Manager

+44 (0)7535 446128

Joshua Hannon

Sales Manager

+44 (0)771 7557177

Delali Kokutse

Finance And Operations Manager

+44 (0)7535 956616

Cameron Foskett

Sales Development Representative

+44 (0)7930 644909

Åsa Nygårds

Research Analyst

+44 (0)7944 627126

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