Finland launches Zoning

Datscha /

We’re pleased to announce our latest product release for Finland, Zoning.

By utilising our new Zoning add-on alongside the Construction Projects and Planning data, you can easily source development opportunities and existing Construction projects.

Through collaboration with the local municipalities, this is a first for any company to achieve in the Finnish region. Our zoning-enriched property search helps you source and shortlist new development opportunities, quickly. By combining this with the new Finnish Construction Project module you can learn all about other projects in your specified area.  

Search for properties according to the use of the site, the building rights available or the construction date, or age of the buildings.

Would you like to know what the building rights cost? Combine the information about the actual transactions available from the service in the time-to-date formula and you can quickly assess the profitability of your project.

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You can learn more by watching the below demo videos or read more here.