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Enjoy continued great functionality with a new and energetic look.

We are excited about showcasing our new look on the website and within the Datscha platform. The energetic colours reflect the successful collaboration we continue to enjoy since RCA acquired Datscha in 2019. The great functionality and data quality you expect remains uninterrupted. In fact, combining Datscha’s technological skills in linking complex public and private datasets with RCA’s global reach across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific has helped us facilitate increased market transparency as we continue to deliver innovative and intelligent solutions to the commercial real estate market.

Since the acquisition, Datscha and RCA offer a wider range of solutions, expanded reach and more granular coverage to our clients. Adding to our shared story, both Datscha and RCA celebrate a 20-year anniversary within the same year, bringing you more than 40 years of collective expertise and market intelligence through the most in-depth, comprehensive and current information of commercial property investment activity.

RCA is recognized globally as the authority on the deals, players and trends that drive the commercial real estate investment markets—delivering timely and reliable data with unique insights into market participants, pricing and capital flows. Datscha is recognized as a globally leading software as a service provider (SaaS) of web-based services for information and analysis of commercial properties. To learn more about the added advantage of RCA, click here.