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Beginning of December Datscha will introduce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a supplementary security measure being added to the standard username and password required to access the Datscha platform. Datscha will issue an SMS with a time-limited single use code to validate that the person accessing the account is the authorised user. When logging on to the Datscha platform for the first time after the introduction of MFA, users will be asked to confirm their mobile number and enter the provided code.

Why are we introducing MFA?

MFA is being introduced for two key reasons. Many of our customers now upload their own data into Datscha’s Insight and Valuation modules. In many cases this data is very sensitive, especially for our listed customers and banks. Therefore, MFA will help to secure and protect this data. Additionally, Datscha user licenses are personal. MFA will help to ensure that there is only one user per license. If your firm requires additional user licenses, please contact your sales representative.

Please contact us if you have any questions.